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Our Goal

We focus on helping our clients get the quality customer service they deserve. We know how overwhelming the process can be and we are here to help you with all your medicaid eligibility questions.

What we offer


Expert Medicaid Consultants is a Medicaid consulting company that helps anyone in need of Medicaid to enroll in a painless way. The Medicaid process can be overwhelming and we are here to make it simple for you. If you own a home, are over in resources, or your monthly income is above the Medicaid allowable, we can assist you to become eligible for Community Medicaid. Our staff is certified by New York City HRA to ensure the top quality service when it comes to helping you apply for Medicaid and ensuring you or your loved one to get the proper services that they are entitled too. In our company, our customers come first. Each and everyone of our clients are our priority. Getting the help you need should not be a difficult process and we work hard to make sure that it won’t be. Call us today to set up a consultation and let us help you get the help you need!

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Through the thick and thin, Expert Medicaid Consultants will will stick with you until your Medicaid application is completed and submitted. This ensures you get on to Homecare services right away! We also work with Pooled Trust companies and HRA to ensure Medicaid Eligibility.



Once you are approved for Medicaid we will connect you with a Home care agency and work with them to begin services.



We can assist you in enrolling into a Pooled Income Trust when your income exceeds the Medicaid allowable.

What we have to Offer

- A consultation to see how we can help you qualify - We always have a notary on premises - We assist you in the collection of documents and properly filing them out for the Medicaid application - We can travel to you if it is difficult for you to send us the documents or come into our office - We have a variety of different languages in our office ready to assist you in your native language to make the process go smoothly

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