When it comes to Medicaid many times people can be misinformed with information and make a statement such as "I cannot qualify for Medicaid". The truth is if you are willing to put in the effort we can help you become qualified.

Yes, you can still be qualified to apply for Medicaid. There are a series of different steps that can be taken in order to help you qualify for Medicaid and be eligible.

Yes, there are legal ways to help you qualify for Medicaid even if you are over in resources by making legal transfers or an irrevocable trust.

Of course! Medicaid is the last payer. When it comes to your Medical expenses your other health insurances pay what they can and then Medicaid will pay the rest. Medicare covers 80% of your Medical expenses and Medicaid will cover the other 20%. So, you can have Medicare, Medicaid and even a supplemental insurance as well.